Most Active Developers

Com-SWIRLS is a community project. Its success depends heavily on active participation of everybody.

This page shows the most active developers, who contribute codes, test programs, request features, report bugs, or participate in discussions the most. If you believe you should be on the list but are not, please contact @wcwoo, @gary_cnh, or @nickshek, or better, create a branch, modify this page and submit a merge request.

Please refer to Acronyms for the full forms of the abbreviated names.

Most Active Developers
Alias Name Affiliation Post Title
@wcwoo WOO Wang-chun HKO Scientific Officer
@nickshek SHEK Ka-chun, Nick HKO Analyst Programmer
@pakhimkam2018 KAM Pak-him CUHK / HKO Student / Intern
@Chin CHIN Wen-jun, Cyril CUHK / HKO Student / Intern
@khng NG Ka-ho, Tony HKO Experimental Officer
@LeungYuPo LEUNG Yu-po, Conson CUHK / HKO Student / Intern
@brianlo747 LO Chun-hay, Brian UCambridge / HKO Student / Intern
@slyeung Dick YEUNG HKO Contracted Analyst Programmer
@Perez Darwin PEREZ PAGASA Computer Programmer 2
@wsyip85 YIP Weng-sang MMD Meteorological Officer
@ErikBec Erik BECKER CCRS, MSS Research Scientist
@sysumeteo ZHAN Tang ZHMB, CMA Senior Engineer
IP Yin-ying, Yvonne TUM / HKO Student / Intern