swirlspy.ltg package


swirlspy.ltg.map module

swirlspy.ltg.map.gen_ltgv(ltg, area_def, start_time, end_time, sigma, coord_label=['x', 'y'])

Generates lightning potential in an area. Lightning potential is calculated using a multivariate normal distribution.

  • ltg (Lightning object) – Lightning object containing data of lightning strike.
  • area_def (pyresample.geometry.AreaDefinition) – Areadefinition of the desired grid in coordinates of the data in the Lightning object.
  • start_time (pandas.Timestamp) – Start time of lightning observation period.
  • end_time (pandas.Timestamp) – End time of lightning observation period.
  • sigma (float) – Standard deviation of the Gaussian Distribution. Assume that distribution is symmetrical.
  • coord_label (list of strings) – Defaults to [‘x’, ‘y’].

ltgv – Gridded lightning potential.

Return type: